Ricoh Theta S is a camera with two lenses that allows you to capture spherical images and videos. It’s very slim and easy to use, but accidents can happen. We dropped ours by mistake, which gave us a reason to take a look at what’s inside!

ricoh_theta_s_00 On the bottom of the Theta, there is a small glued piece under which you can find four screws.

ricoh_theta_s_01 The Theta is surrounded on the sides by a thin metal strip.

ricoh_theta_s_02 After taking out the metal strip, you can start to see the insides of the Theta.

ricoh_theta_s_03 After taking one of the caps off, you can see the battery pack and the connections for the lenses.

ricoh_theta_s_04 The two lenses are sitting on opposite sides.

ricoh_theta_s_05 And here’s the second lens!

For more info about the camera, check the producer website, and for a more detailed teardown (including disassembly up to the image sensor) check this article.